There are a lot of other points of view on the process of worldbuilding. Since my brain is utterly beseiged by end-of-semester madness, I thought I'd share some with you.

Patricia C. Wrede's worldbuilding questions - probably the most famous set of articles on worldbuilding on the internet. Google 'worldbuilding questions' and the first two pages will be pretty much nothing but her questions copied again and again, and sometimes not even attributed. Personally, I find going through things this way too dry, not really supporting the serendipity that leads to the bizarre-but-wonderful. It's still a great resource to read through, though.


A set of articles I prefer is over here: The Mythopoets worldbuilding manual for multicultural fiction settings. I find it goes into much greater depth, with greater insight.

If you're looking for more of a scientific angle to your villages and populations, these two sites discuss population sizes of various centers (eg kingdoms, villages - what it takes to support them), subistance sizes depending on technology and social structure, etc.

Even more sciency - Atomic Rocket look at the real science behind space travel.

And in terms of 'getting it done', Kate Elliot has a great worldbuilding article on her website, focussing on the problems, mistakes and assumptions that can lead to authors creating Generic Fantasy World #47, and Stephanie Cottrell Bryanthas both a lengthy article on worldbuilding here which, while it largely consists of her classifying things (which rather seems to defeat the purpose of coming up with something original, but anyway), has some points that might spark interesting ideas. She's also written a '30 day worldbuilding plan' - one broad component a day.

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